Monday, March 31, 2014

Mundane details

I haven't been posting very regularly. Mostly because I feel like life has settled into such a rhythm that while things are good, and we're happy, nothing seems particularly interesting, or exotic, or noteworthy. Today it occurred to me that we're experiencing a lot of "lasts" in Germany right now. Our last spring, our last Easter, and so on. From that perspective, I want to document these things, and remember them after we're gone. This might mean a lot more pictures, and less writing. We'll see. Warm spring days (And we've been having an exceptionally high number of those) in Germany are looking like this lately:

James climbing the plum tree in our backyard!

David didn't get quite as high.

James is becoming quite the little climber lately!

Freshly washed clothes drying out on the line is one of my favorite parts of the nice weather!

This tree in our yard just popped out with tons of beautiful blossoms last week!

The view from our freshly cleaned windows. Having south facing is windows is really nice, but they sure do show every smudge on sunny days!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's official!

After two interviews and lots of waiting and wondering we finally have an official answer for where and when Dylan will be starting his next job. He received offers from both places he interviewed, but we have decided to go with the second offer. Dylan will be starting in January as a tenure track professor at Colorado State University!!

We are all really happy about this move. We can't wait to be back close to family, and we have read tons of great things about Fort Collins and CSU. Not to mention some of my favorite breweries are located in Ft. Collins!

I feel like everything really worked out perfectly, with the current schedule we have plenty of time to plan and prepare, and James and David will have another 9 months in the German kindergarten, giving them time to get better at the language. I also feel like it gives us enough time to really enjoy being here and see all the things we might not have checked out yet, while not being too terribly far in the future. Our current plan is to be home by Christmas, giving us a little bit of time to find a place to live before Dylan starts mid January.

Dylan's responsibilities will consist of building his own lab from scratch, hiring and mentoring grad students, completing research projects, and teaching, among other things. He's very excited for all of the different aspects of the job, and I for one think he will make a fantastic professor!