Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Morning

Easter morning today started out with James giving David a long talking to about how there is actually NO easter rabbit. We've never particularly encouraged or strongly discouraged the concept of the easter bunny, so I thought the whole exchange was quite hilarious. David was a little disappointed but he took it like a champ. The boys went to play soccer with Dylan while I hid the eggs and they had a great time searching for them. It's actually the first time we've had the weather for an outdoor easter egg hunt since James was 1! Their searching skills have improved significantly since then. This afternoon we plan to get dressed up in our new easter outfits and go to church. I'll hopefully manage to get some pictures of the boys in their matching bow ties!!

After the easter egg hunt the boys enjoyed an Easter Jam session!

Fun at the Zoo!

We went to the zoo yesterday with some friends. The weather was a bit chilly which meant the zoo wasn't overcrowded. The boys behaved marvelously and we had a great time! (sorry for the lack of face shots, they were always looking at the animals for some reason…)


Thursday was my 29th birthday. It feels somehow monumental because I have so many memories of friends declaring 29 as their last birthday ever. I had one friend that celebrated her 29th birthday well into her 30's! I guess I'll do my best to enjoy this last year of my 20's and make the most of it!

I had a great day including coffee out with a friend, shopping, a birthday party with the kids and another friend, and a movie night with Dylan at home. I'm very thankful to all my friends and family back home who sent gifts, and messages. I felt very loved!

My Fancy Birthday Frappuccino!!

The spread at my afternoon birthday party!! So blessed to have good friends!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


It's funny how what's "normal" to me now, would have been an exotic, interesting part of a vacation 3 years ago. Today I went out for coffee and bible study with a few friends in the city. I didn't get any good pictures, but I'm posting them anyway, because I want to remember what the city looks like, and while it just seems normal to me now, there's a small chance it's interesting to you ;-)

A tram stop

The cafe where we had coffee

A fruit stand across the street

Our coffee. I love the little heart in my cappuccino, and the tubs of whipped cream!